Who I Am

This will likely be replaced with an About page that highlights things I do in a nice, pretty, commercialized way while this page fades into obscurity. For now, I’ll take a moment to explain who I am.

My name is Casey. I’m a bit of a nerd. I love science and technology. I do things with computers and occasionally write about various topics.

I create websites and software for businesses as my day job. I started out in marketing, but I hated it after 7 years in the field. I much prefer creating things than hyping things up. It wasn’t fulfilling to me.

I’m a political activist. Not a very good one, at present, but aspiring to do better. I might even do it full time if it paid the bills.

I play music. Create it. I usually fail trying but some of it’s good.

I play video games. Mostly Rocket League. I don’t play games much now but I used to enjoy them. Too much to do, too few truly good games.

I’m not a huge fan of people. People let me down, and I let people down, so it’s probably best we stay distant. I’m not awful and neither are they (most of you, anyway), but I prefer solitude over company 9 times out of 10.

The exclusion to this is my girlfriend, who’s a really great woman.

Looking at me you probably wouldn’t think much about me. I rarely dress up, I’m very quiet, and I mostly keep to myself.

However I am more than anything written here. I want the best for the world and hope to leave it better than it left me. I think we could do great things as a species but there is so much junk in the way and no one’s willing to clean it.

I mostly sit alone with my thoughts, practice things, learn, study, write, do.

I know my people are out there, but I haven’t found them here in quaint East Tennessee. I really should move, and was prepared to several times. Life has a way of anchoring you so long as you do have relationships.

I’m not really a nihilist. Not 100%. I’m just sick of living in a world with so much bottled potential. I am a cynic though. 110%. I’ve seen time and time again that if people can take advantage without consequence then they will. Morality is only ever a factor when other people might notice for the vast majority of Earth’s citizens. The rest of us are idiots, clinging to some belief that we can all just get along if “this that or the other”. I’m unfortunately one of these poor souls thanks to my undying and ever pervasive optimism.

I really want to be a complete nihilist though. It must be so, so very peaceful.

So that’s me, in essence. Just a quiet guy from the middle of nowhere that won’t shut the fuck up about what could be if you/we all weren’t such cunts.


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