Science & Technology

I am not a scient-tist, but I am a fan.

Since I currently have no Sci/Tech posts here’s an overview:

  • I love quantum physics.
  • Astronomy is okay.
  • Integrated circuits are fun.
  • Automation is killer.
  • History is ‘eh’.
  • Psychology’s a fun soft science.
  • Tech, obviously – most kinds.
  • Web development since it’s what I do.
  • Machine learning is overrated.
  • Chemistry H Ar Db (the b is silent).
  • Math is just math, mostly.
  • Hydrogen as an energy store.
  • Renewables to collect hydrogen.
  • VR/PC Peripherals.
  • Open-Source software.
  • Mechanical Engineering.

I could talk about these items for a good long while.

  • Science & Technology