What I Believe

The purest way to truly know someone is to learn what they believe. Many are not transparent about this, sugar-coating truth into more palatable falsities. I, however, give up that luxury. In order to tell the truth, I have to speak mine first.

What I believe is we should experience justice and fairness all throughout our lives. That no one should be persecuted or suffer losses at the hands of the state – unless causing tangible losses to someone else first. “Live and let die”, if you will. “Don’t tread on me.” The phrases are endless, the consequence the same.

Prefer listening?

I believe government should serve only it’s people. That no decision, no act, no proclamation, should exist outside of clear and abiding duty to bring the most good to the most people (and that that duty both starts and stays at home unless its house is fully in order). I also believe our current governments are running amok.  

I believe in truth and fairness being cornerstones to any dignified society. That knowledge and health create wonderful communities that cherish and can work together. And I believe that what we have now is a vile perversion of everything sane – and that it must be addressed before chaos is the only permanence that remains.

What I believe is that people working together – or at the very least not tearing each other apart – is the only path to a lasting future. All else brings misery, repeating the same struggles we’ve endured since “governance” started.

What I believe is there are solutions. That we can work together to enact positive change. And that if we don’t – and soon – the damages done may be near irreversible.

And I believe that stating this, working toward solutions, and inspiring others to act, I’m doing the best that I can to contribute to humanity’s cause — because if our goal is not to make things better, what’s the point of even being human at all?

We might as well be monkeys throwing feces. And at the present, we essentially are.


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